zzwg | Jon Meyerjon’s hall recordings on 2022 juli 27

On July 27, 2022, Jon recorded some songs with his smartphone and edited them in iMovie and Garageband. He used the Roland Loop Station for the accompaniment. The videos on the wall come from Pixabay.
The picture shows the setup: Mackie amplifier with 1 speaker (Mackie/RCF), Fender Blues Junior with Celestion Vintage 30, Roland Loop Station RC20, Shure SM58, effects box with Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah, Fulltone's Fulldrive 2 - 69 fuzz - Deja Vibe, Boss Fender Reverb 63 and VooDoo Lab 2 Plus (for the power).
Fender Strat Swamp Ash and Tele Alder.

Bright red Mustang 73

Nothing’s gonna be alright

Insurance man blues

Somebody have mercy

Wonder where wonder why