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  • zzxi | Food: drinks (5) 7 mei 2021
    In this column: bottle it up and go, beer bucket, bourbon, sloppy drunk "May be old, may be gray You ain't too old just to shift them gears You gotta bottle up and go" Leave, make a change, stop talking (or drinking) and hit the road. “My bucket's got a hole in it, won't […]
  • zzxj | Food: drinks (4) 30 april 2021
    In this column: moonshine, corn, white lightning Moonshine, also known as "hooch" (a name borrowed from the Hoochinoo tribe of Alaska, known for its potent homemade brew) or "homebrew," is made by fermenting a sugar source to produce ethanol. Traditionally, moonshine is made from a mash of corn and sugar. The alcohol is separated from […]
  • zzxr | 2021 Stichting Moor presenteert KeerpuntBlues in Spijkerboor op 3/4/5 september 25 april 2021
  • zzxk | Food (3) 23 april 2021
    In this column: kidney stew, grits ain't groceries, potatoes Crazy about you baby, but I just ain't got the price You're a high class mama, so I guess it ain't no dice Goin' back home, and get my old gal Sue She ain't the caviar kind, just plain old kidney stew Old… Grits are […]
  • zzxl | Food (2) 16 april 2021
    In this column: jelly roll, squeeze my lemon, all that meat and no potatoes A jelly roll is a dessert made of sponge cake that has been spread with jam (or jam mixed with cream) and rolled up into a log, but this is the blues and that's not all it means! Jelly roll is […]
  • zzxm | Soul food (1) 9 april 2021
    In this column: soul food Soul food (aka downhome southern food) is often mentioned in blues lyrics. The menu includes dishes with: oxtails, neck bones, pigs' feet, ham hocks, chitterlings, ribs (pork and beef), fried chicken, catfish, several kinds of green, turnips, rutabagas, fried corn, fried green tomatoes, field peas, cobbler and cornbread. The most […]
  • zzxn | From neck to neck 8 april 2021
    Not that I have or have bought many guitars, but there was a time when I was looking for what was the best guitar for me. Anyway, a Fender. I found it difficult because they differed from each other on so many points. For example, it could happen that a guitar that felt good in […]
  • zzxo | Trains (3) 2 april 2021
    In this column: Cannonball Express, The Flying Crow and The Frisco “I’m goin' down to the station, catch that west cannonball”. Sunshine Blues -- Memphis Jug Band The Cannonball is a fast passenger train, that refers to a crack train (fastest train between two points) on the Illinois Central Line. On April 30, 1900, John […]
  • zzxp | Voice exercises 28 maart 2021
    Treat them the same as the other muscles. Find relaxation and exercise regularly (give them your attention every day). Always warm up before a performance and cool down afterwards. Keep your head straight. Let your shoulders hang. Relax. Legs slightly apart, your body must be able to bounce. Feet point outwards slightly. Like you are […]
  • zzxq | Top That! 26 maart 2021
    We are on vacation in South Dakota and it is late afternoon in the summer of 2012. The water surface reflects the last rays of a beautiful day. We float on a pontoon boat on the waves of Lake Poinsett. Our glasses are full and we enjoyed the snacks we brought with us. “Sing us […]
  • zzxs | Chicago Bob Nelson 15 maart 2021
    On Thursday, January 17, 2013 at the age of 69 Chicago Bob Nelson passed away. Bob was a harmonica player and singer and known for Louisiana and Chicago blues styles. Bob was named "Chicago" because every blues venue in the Windy City where Muddy Waters played, Robert Lee (Bob) was also featured. Muddy came up […]
  • zzxt | Maak contact als je een bericht of biografie wilt plaatsen 12 maart 2021
  • zzxu | JonMeyerjon and Band 12 maart 2021
    Een Blues-Out brengt een concert van eigen composities, een mix van verschillende muziekstijlen met altijd een verbinding naar de blues. In een Blues-Out wordt muziek met passie gespeeld, waarbij de muzikanten ieder vanuit hun eigen achtergrond hun creativiteit inbrengen. Met aanstekelijke ritmes wordt een muzikaal verhaal verteld, dat uitnodigt om te bewegen.     Jon […]
  • zzxv | Greyhound Blues Band 12 maart 2021
    BAND De Greyhound Blues Band bestaat sinds 1991 en is een zeer geroutineerde band. De Drentse bluesband bestaat uit muzikanten die eerder in diverse bands als de Juke Joint Blues Band, Southside Blues Band en de John Stevens Band speelden en in deze formatie hun muzikale ervaringen gebundeld hebben. Hun voorkeur gaat uit naar blues, […]
  • zzxw | Harlem Lake en Asser Bluesdagen (o.a.) presenteren liveconcert op 27 februari 2021 24 februari 2021
    De Asser Bluesdagen en Harlem Lake hebben de handen ineen geslagen. Een ticket helpt de band en Asser bluesdagen. Mooie muziek en een goed doel, dus koop je ticket en samen hebben we de 27 e februari 2021 een geweldige avond! Han Warmerdam/Jan Postma Koop ticket (€ 15,- inclusief boekingskosten)