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Hair today, gone tomorrow
The hall is divided into two halves with rows of chairs. The right half is fairly busy. In the left, in the middle, one man. The audience consists of detainees from a penitentiary psychiatric hospital. At that time our blues band plays regularly in correctional institutions. Often at an annual barbecue.
Hair today, gone tomorrow, sings Tyree Glenn Junior, son of Evans Tyree Glenn, American trombonist with Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Tyree is a roguish boss and always up for a joke.
The audience is not very interested. "How are you doing", Tyree asks the right half. No reaction. "What's with him, don't you like him". The crowd turns head to the man in the middle. "Or does he smell?" Uproar in the right half, the man gets up and leaves the room. In the break Junior makes it up with a CD.
A muscular guy asks if he can play along with a song. His personal attendant nods: "he practices every week, very fanatic". It is clear that we can not disappoint him. During the song the young guy rams and growls and tries to get everything in front of him. You hear that a lot of aggression is in him. It is not easy to keep the rhythm.
"Give him an other 20 years", Tyree shouts while the guy leaves the stage. For a moment it's quiet. But then the audience start to laugh. They appreciate the joke. The young drummer turns to Tyree, clenches his fist and smiles.
Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Nederlandse versie.

Tyree Glenn Jr.
Tyree Glenn with Dutch Greyhound Blues Band

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