zzxx | Bluespianist Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor passed away yesterday, February 20, 2021. A humble and excellent musician. He mastered the blues piano like no other.

On a Saturday afternoon prior to a performance in Music Café 't Keerpunt (Netherlands), he played five songs on the album Blues Rhythm' n Love (Jon Meyerjon). He had prepared well and written out the numbers. He asked if I wanted anything special from him. I explained to him how I had the song in mind. He thought that was fine, he could do something with it. On "Strolling Up A Shady Lane" I imagined him playing the organ in a nearby church with the door open while I strummed my guitar on the porch. He played an organ part, in which all chords flow into each other without letting go of the keys. He had to take over the chords with crossed arms. “If Willie Nelson had been around”, he said, he would have played a solo on his Spanish guitar. I should do that and I did.

In the mix he specifically wanted the piano to be moved to the background. Not in the foreground, like a babbling brook in the background. Yesterday Gene threw a stone into the water, the waves spread out and the stone will remain in front of it forever.

R.I.P. Gene

Strolling up a shady lane - Jon Meyerjon, organ Gene

Gotta find yourself an other dog - Jon meyerjon, piano Gene

Gene at Music Café 't Keerpunt
Gene and GBB and Willem ('t Keerpunt, in the middle)