zzxq | Top That!

We are on vacation in South Dakota and it is late afternoon in the summer of 2012. The water surface reflects the last rays of a beautiful day. We float on a pontoon boat on the waves of Lake Poinsett. Our glasses are full and we enjoyed the snacks we brought with us. “Sing us song”. I grab my guitar and with full commitment sing "Hard Times" by Ray Charles. When the last chord dies out, someone shouts: “Top that!”. I am very satisfied with the song's presentation, but “Top that!”, What next song can go over that. The next song is “second best” and it feels that way.

Months later, the Americans are on a return visit. I bring up the Lake Poinsett event. The American is indignant: “You Europeans think you can speak English, You know nothing. He has given you the greatest compliments he can give. "Top that!" There is no one in the world who does it better than you! ”.

"Top that!"