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#3 Food

In this column: kidney stew, grits ain't groceries, potatoes


Crazy about you baby, but I just ain't got the price
You're a high class mama, so I guess it ain't no dice
Goin' back home, and get my old gal Sue
She ain't the caviar kind, just plain old kidney stew

Kidney stew - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson


Grits are a porridge made from boiled cornmeal. Also grits are girls raised in The South.
Groceries are items you buy in a grocer's shop.

Little Milton

Because you know I love you, baby
Ooh you know I love you baby, yeah
Now if I don't love you baby, I tell you
Grits ain't grocery, eggs ain't poultry
And Mona Lisa was a man


Potato is a well known vegetable. It has also a different meaning: in a slang potato is someone uninteresting, dull, strange, ugly or fat.
The explanation of "Diggin' my potatoes" is on this DoggoneBlues-page.

A man works hard then comes on home,
Expects to find stew with that fine ham bone.
He opens the door, then start to lookin',
Says, Woman, what's this stuff you're cookin'?
All that meat and no potatoes
Just ain't right, like green tomatoes.
Here I'm waiting, palpitating,
For all that meat and no potatoes.
I don’t think that peas are bad
With meat most anything goes
Yes, I look into the pot
I’m fit to fight
‘Cause, woman, you know that mess just ain’t right
All that meat and no potatoes

Diggin' my potatoes - Muddy Waters

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